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Providing Keys to a Brighter Future

About Us

Bright Futures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit growth and development center serving students from pre-kindergarten through young adulthood. Through a variety of robust programs in academics and the arts, we work to develop our students’ talents and strengthen their values. Bright Futures has reached thousands of children and teens in the West Contra Costa community over the past 26 years, and we continue to provide our students with excellent academic support and social enrichment to cultivate the community leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Bright Futures Growth and Development Center inspires and empowers children and youth with educational excellence, positive reinforcement, and a sense of family. From its early beginnings, Bright Futures has provided personal, educational and professional development to all of our students to nourish their values, enhance their education, and foster their sense of community. We aim to inspire, providing a thorough approach of academic support, enrichment and social activities to cultivate the community leaders of tomorrow.

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